mercredi 9 octobre 2013

CC 102 DAY 3

WOW! Crazy how many new techniques I have already learned...
Here are my first three tags for the day at Creative Chemistry 102.

Smudge Stamping

Brayered Stains

Photo Tinting Technique
For this one, i chose an illustration found in Wikimedia Commons and called "le chiffonnier parisien".

I'll post the other one a bit later!

Thank you all for the lovely comments (Yesterday and the day before). It's sooooo encouraging.

Enjoy your creative day,

7 commentaires:

  1. The look lovely, I'm on number 5 and 6 at th mo will post later. Happy cc102 . Francesca

  2. Love the photo tinting you did. It looks like a watercolor!

  3. Wonderful tags - I can't wait until I get to day three - I am a little behind!!